Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dragon Tamer

Talan Voss has reached 9th level.
So as we were travelling up the mountain, we were accosted by several dragonborn with drake and azer allies. Later that day as we broke for camp we were attacked by another group of dragonborn, azer, and drakes. the next day just before noon a large red dragon descended on us with a large dragonborn weilding a greatsword. We slew the dragonborn, and Talan Voss intimidated the dragon into submition. That's the second time Talan has intimidated a dragon. The first was earlier in this adventure, when the party came across a white dragon working with some "bandits"(we later learned that these bandits were part of the dragonborn army laying seige to Hammerfast) near a small town. That dragon did not have a name so talan dubbed him Threev Frosttooth. The red dragon's name is Cazakk, and he warned us of a green dragon further up the pass. According to Cazakk the green dragon is even more powerful than him. Perhaps Talan can add a green to the dragons he has tamed?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seige of Hammerfast

No rest for the weary apparently. After our group made it inside the town of Hammerfast Talan was looking to enjoy a hot meal, and a good nights rest. Unfortunately the gods had other plans. Around midnight several of the dragonborn attacking the city made it through the gate. After a hard fought battle (Talan ended the encounter with 29 out of 71 HP, and 0 healing surges) we finally repelled the invaders. Now we're off  to the mountains to find the leader of this army, and put a stop to his depradations. According to rumor he is attempting to awaken an ancient and powerful dragon who has been slumbering for centuries. Hopefully we can put a stop to this, and find our way back to our own time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My current 4E Dungeons and Dragons Character

Talan Voss is a farmer. He's a simple man, who enjoys simple pleasures. At least he did until his wife Cordelia, and daughter Tamara were kidnapped for some nefarious purpose. Talan dusted off his scale armor and bastard sword from his days as a soldier in His Majesty's army. With his 17 year old son Arthyn by his side, Talan got his first taste of the adventuring life. His son doesn't share his martial abilities, but even as a boy was quite the accomplished wizard. That was how it began. Currently the Voss' traveling companions are Merri the elven ranger, Franceses the elven psion, and Khadamat the dragonborn ardent. At the moment our intrepid band is 1000 years in the past, and we just fought our way through a dragonborn army that was laying seige to the city of Hammerfast.

Talan Voss, level 8 (almost 9) 
Human, Weaponmaster
Fighter Talents Option: One-handed Weapon Talent (Bastard Sword and shield)

The Voss Family Crest