Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dragon Tamer

Talan Voss has reached 9th level.
So as we were travelling up the mountain, we were accosted by several dragonborn with drake and azer allies. Later that day as we broke for camp we were attacked by another group of dragonborn, azer, and drakes. the next day just before noon a large red dragon descended on us with a large dragonborn weilding a greatsword. We slew the dragonborn, and Talan Voss intimidated the dragon into submition. That's the second time Talan has intimidated a dragon. The first was earlier in this adventure, when the party came across a white dragon working with some "bandits"(we later learned that these bandits were part of the dragonborn army laying seige to Hammerfast) near a small town. That dragon did not have a name so talan dubbed him Threev Frosttooth. The red dragon's name is Cazakk, and he warned us of a green dragon further up the pass. According to Cazakk the green dragon is even more powerful than him. Perhaps Talan can add a green to the dragons he has tamed?

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