Sunday, July 3, 2011

My current 4E Dungeons and Dragons Character

Talan Voss is a farmer. He's a simple man, who enjoys simple pleasures. At least he did until his wife Cordelia, and daughter Tamara were kidnapped for some nefarious purpose. Talan dusted off his scale armor and bastard sword from his days as a soldier in His Majesty's army. With his 17 year old son Arthyn by his side, Talan got his first taste of the adventuring life. His son doesn't share his martial abilities, but even as a boy was quite the accomplished wizard. That was how it began. Currently the Voss' traveling companions are Merri the elven ranger, Franceses the elven psion, and Khadamat the dragonborn ardent. At the moment our intrepid band is 1000 years in the past, and we just fought our way through a dragonborn army that was laying seige to the city of Hammerfast.

Talan Voss, level 8 (almost 9) 
Human, Weaponmaster
Fighter Talents Option: One-handed Weapon Talent (Bastard Sword and shield)

The Voss Family Crest

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